Hello, we're Kat & Taylor.

We're currently New Orleans locals, coffee aficionados, pizza connoisseurs, part-time students, full-time explorers, and newlyweds (yay!). 

During her quarter-life crisis is 2014, Kat quit her job to pursue her passion of travel. She embarked on a nine-month journey, backpacking through Italy, Peru, visiting a few countries in the Caribbean, Alaska, and other in-betweens. Her year of adventure uprooted her from her hometown of Miami, FL to a permanent residence in New Orleans, LA. A week into living in her new city she met her hubby, Taylor.

Taylor is an Arkansas native who always dreamed of the city life and traveling the world. After moving to New Orleans in 2014 one of those dreams was realized, and he was sure the other would have to be realized alone until he met Kat in 2015. Now, the two dream and travel together. Taylor's obsessions include New Orleans, coffee, jazz-age writers, and of course, his wife Kat.

Our passion is to experience God through adventure (can you tell?) Our hearts beat for culture–and there are few things we love more than immersing ourselves in it. We love people and their stories and getting to know them over a cup of joe. We're commissioned to make disciples everywhere we go, and we live with that as our ultimate goal. This blog's purpose is to share our experiences with you, hoping that the running over of our cup will serve to fill yours.